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 Thank you for your interest in becoming a contractor for, please watch the following video before applying for grass mowing jobs:

This position is for an independent contractor position.  If chosen you will not be an employee.  As a lawn mowing contractor you will be sent lawn mowing jobs and decide which jobs you want to accept and how they will be completed.  You will need to provide your own lawn mowing equipment and gasoline. 

If the lawn mowing job seems too difficult or far away you are not obligated to accept it and you may stop accepting jobs at any time.

You will need the following materials:

  • frequent access to email

  • mulching lawn mower or professional mowing equipment

  • gasoline weed trimmer

  • broom or blower to clean up sidewalks and driveways

  • digital camera or good camera phone

  • vehicle capable of transporting a lawn mower

Here's a comment from one of our mowers.  Over the past few months he has averaged $200 a week working part-time:

"In regards to working for,

I was very skeptical when I first started doing work for James. I hadn’t met him, and I was going to go and cut grass, send him pictures of before and after, then he would pay me through PayPal.

I did a few jobs, and it really was convenient. He paid me very quickly, which was nice. I made very good money last year, but the economy has taken it’s toll on me as well as others. I have been unemployed since February.

I get an email announcing that there is a lawn that needs mowed, a brief description and address. Then, I choose whether or not I want to accept it. It has really grown into an awesome money maker for me.

I did 6 yards recently in about 8 or 9 hours total for $120.00. I could never get as many yards as sends me going door to door, or word of mouth. So, this really works out good for me. Hopefully I will back in the, “Employed” club soon. But, I think I will continue doing work for It is a great way to make extra cash. I would definitely recommend this to someone looking to make some extra cash, or even enough cash to feed your family. That is what has been feeding mine.

Thanks James, for all the work.


And here's another: 

"I like contracting with your service. It is easy enough for someone with a decent IQ because I'm no computer whiz and I got it. Sometimes the yards are pretty big for $15** and I think it should be at least $20 but if you do enough work, it'll add up. I get paid quick enough and the only reason I wouldn't recommend the opportunity is so that I could get most of the work. Ha!Ha! But seriously it is fine. 


**the minimum pay has now gone up to $17

If you have questions before applying please click "Contact Us" above and email us.

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