Job Application

 Thank you for your interest in becoming a contractor for, please watch the following video before applying for grass mowing jobs:

This position is for an independent contractor position.  If chosen you will not be an employee.  As a lawn mowing contractor you will be sent lawn mowing jobs and decide which jobs you want to accept and how they will be completed.  You will need to provide your own lawn mowing equipment and gasoline. 

If the lawn mowing job seems too difficult or far away you are not obligated to accept it and you may stop accepting jobs at any time.

You will need the following materials:

  • frequent access to email

  • mulching lawn mower or professional mowing equipment

  • gasoline weed trimmer

  • broom or blower to clean up sidewalks and driveways

  • digital camera or good camera phone

  • vehicle capable of transporting a lawn mower

Here's a testimonial from a contractor:

At first I was worried about, thought that we wouldn't get many jobs and have to wait for pay, but I have been working for since Oct. 2014 and I have made over 6K up to 2nd week in May 2015, they pay fast, most within 4 days. I own a landscaping business and it is a good filler for when we slow up, almost many more than we can mow come in daily. has helped us stay busy almost all season long. I am very impressed with their response in customer base, many of the customers we get also tip very well. You can select a lot of jobs that are close together, so you can get more out daily. Our company sees a great asset using in future.

Doug , MO

And here's another: 

"I was running ads on Craigslist trying to find work when I found an ad, looking for contractors in the St Louis area I said to myself it will never work who's going to use an online service to have their lawns mowed? Now doing it full time this year and going strong, it's hard to get the lawns you want sometimes because there are plenty of contractors but most always more lawns than you can mow! I started out with my old lawn mower I had for years with my beater trimmer and broom cutting 3 to 4 a day making $40 to $50 bucks a day. Now I own my own commercial mower, trimmer, blower, flatbed trailer and cutting up to 10 a day if we want to making on our best day $208. I see more and more orders coming thru now than ever hard to keep up sometimes. But for the most part it has been great, getting paid is easy and might I say doing pretty good too! Thank you"

Robert B.

St Peters, MO

If you have questions before applying please click "Contact Us" above and email us.

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